World’s Awakening with Göbeklitepe, Turkey 2019 & Beyond

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’The Gift’’ based on ‘’World’s Awakening’’ book by the author Sengul Boybas

About Göbeklitepe

Göbeklitepe in Turkish means ‘’the Hill with a belly’’ is located about 15km northeast of Sanliurfa in Anatolia. It was first discovered in 1963 by American and Turkish anthropologist but the excavations started in 1995 by German archaeologist Dr. Klaus Schmidt. What makes this site unique is not just the size or the beauty of the monuments but the date when they were built, approximately twelve thousand years ago. It other words, 10.000 years before the founding of the Roman Empire, 8.000 years before the Hittites, 7.000 years before the Great Pyramids in Egypt and the Stonehenge in U.K. Gobeklitepe is the oldest place of worship yet discovered, it’s the World’s First Temple, and it was settled before Catalhoyuk. Gobeklitepe was not a site used for hunting and shelter, but it was a cult center used for religious and spiritual needs. It’s also said that these people have started the first agriculture in history even though they were hunters and gatherers, not farms.

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At the site, you can see the size of the dig and T-shaped obelisks, the largest of which weighs about 25 tons, each one having reliefs of wild boar, bulls, foxes, lions, birds, snakes, scorpions, ants , spiders and insects. On some of the monoliths you may say see some letters like ‘’H’’ or ‘’O’’ , therefore some people claim that those who built Gobeklitepe had also invented writing. Most probably sacred symbols rather than Latin letters but there are no scientific studies on this subject yet. For some reason these people stopped using Gobeklitepe complex around 8.000 BC and they deliberately ‘’buried’’ the city with dust. In 2018 the archaeological site has entered into the list of ‘’ World Heritage Sites’’ by UNESCO. In 2019 was declared as the ‘’Year of Gobeklitepe’’, which leads to the tourists to cultural and social events.

While Gobeklitepe revealed many important points, there are still questions waiting to be answered by the scientists. By whom those temples were built? How were those 60 ton stone pillars carried and erected? What was the actual purpose for which they were constructed? These are outstanding mysteries which will probably be resolved following years of further study. What we know for certain is the fact that future finding in Göbeklitepe will continue furthering knowledge about human history and revise the accepted discourse.

Maybe they stop using the temple when the population increased and couldn’t handle the consumption of people.Maybe this shows that our system is broken that human nature doesn’t suppose to live in the way we live in now. Nowadays technology improves very fast and soon we will be living with robots. I think it’s already time for everyone’s awareness that we all here for a purpose to discover to complete this puzzle of its self rather than thinking her/his as a competitor or enemy to each other.

We human being created money and put a value to live on this earth. But somehow money isn’t the real value of human satisfaction. Ex: Richest Qatar country is not the happiest people on earth. Day by day earth is crying, burning, shaking more and more and trying to tell us that you need to change the system otherwise world is not going to get better. ( We don’t need to watch more movies like ‘’Joker’’ to show us that system is really fucked up..Cause we already all know.. )

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In a perfect world, where we should all live in peace and love where artificial intelligence (robots, machines) would be doing most of the work in a harmony. If we are all living in this planet , countries shouldn’t be enemy to each other. Instead of pointless/endless wars, we should all live in a world how we can nourish each other rather than building walls. I believe in the trust of blockchain and when it becomes more world wise maybe where we can create more art, music and beautiful communities. I know this is easy to say or write and might take amazingly long time but if each of us aware of each other that we all are miracles and part of this puzzle. We shouldn’t have jealousy or hate of each other because of the nationality or anything else vs.. Some of us aware of this, some of us have no idea because of their life or environment. If there’s still hate and war going on this life because it’s coming from our past, from our ancestors life. When we were born, our soul is so pure & love and then after certain age it becomes so much heavier. Why? Because it gets dirtier and dirtier with our ego because of the system we created. Not just our environment is getting dirty but also ourselves. I believe first we should teach our kids how to be a human rather than how to be successful & rich and maybe that way world can become a better place.

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‘’Burningman’’ Black Rock City, Nevada U.S.A

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It’s ironic that the World’s First Temple area has been the most war area of the world. Maybe it’s the another evidence that system is so wrong…it’s time to change ourselves and change the world. For example: Burning man Festival (Well it’s more than a festival) is a great example to see beautiful communities. Wish there’s one in Turkey like an annual festival celebrating life and humanity.

It’s time to slow down..and see what’s real? Yes, that famous hashtag #authenticity. This word has been using so much lately that I think the meaning of its self is loosing it. Since the technology improves so fast that we are able to reach information so fast. I feel like we are competing with technology rather than using it more likely technology is using us. (Big Data…Dattt dat dataaa got data? ) When everything is all just data. Reality is an operating system (OS). It’s a composite, an aggregate, off all varying data insights and actions. It exists because of all that exits and all that emits. Our perception is the User Interface. Our emotions are the User Experience (UX). To create the best UX possible for ourselves and for others. It’s our only moral, professional and personal obligation.

Turkey is an interesting beautiful country that surrounded by amazing natures.Because of our history so many cultures passed by Anatolia that Turkish people highly emotional intelligence that I see a huge potential of future of work power. (According to statistics our population is young but getting older so I also believe that we should give more birth. Note to myself as well.)

When you come to Turkey, don’t you feel like home with the people, hospitality, food and nature even in a hectic life here. I see that feeling from my foreign friends here. Somehow it’s a healer country where it can feed your soul. I believe Turkey is the center , heart of the World that needs to be taking care of us more and also by others as well. It has been too long that has been in a survival mode that people are tired both from political and economical issues.

‘’Turkish carpets feel like home’’ (When I used to live in Los Angeles, when I see a carpet like this at my Persian, Armenian or American friend’s house, instantly I get the cozy home feeling.)

‘’Feeling at home’’ art by Turkish artist Ramazan Can

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I also believe that ‘’Futureisfemale’’ not because I’m a woman or feminist..I believe ‘’two divine energies’’ where masculine energy is ambition and it’s expansionist and its the one that roars off into the horizon, searching, striving. The second is appreciation. It’s the ‘’protectionist’’. It’s the one that reaches inward, nurtures and cultivates. Both start with awareness and both in concert , in harmony, are vital to our continues survived and growth.There’s earth’s energy changing and it’s time for everyone to look in their self and discover their selves more that way when the robots and machines are more in our life’s , we can be more human and live in a beautiful harmony in this world.

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‘’I am a stranger of this place’’ by Turkish artist Razaman Can

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I believe we all have to love our faith..and find the meaning of it..

and when we all find the meaning of ourselves life & world would be more peaceful.

I believe to know future is to create..and trying to understand our past.

In 2020 : To believe, we need to accept that changing our course requires more people with good ideas, transcendent skills and widespread belief in the vision of a better world.

Happy new year! Wishing more joy & peace in 2020!

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